Beyond the Streets

The After School

About this Section

The After School is a group of artists that started working together in the ’90s to give graffiti a fresh start in the art world and to get art out of the white box and back on the street. Ruby Neri and Alicia McCarthy were up in the streets and the galleries in San Francisco. Barry McGee, Todd James and Stephen Powers were collaborating on the 1999 exhibition Street Market, which had an immediate and lasting impact on a generation of artists. Those artists in turn contributed to The Dreamland Artists Club in Coney Island (2004) and Love Letter to Philadelphia (2009). Todd James’ Vandal’s Bedroom (2001-19) is an iconic After School artwork, as is Alexis Ross’ Cafe Legs (2009-19), now on its 5th iteration.

The After School continues on with Timothy Curtis and Bert Krak and goes back to where it all began: somewhere between detention and being late for dinner.

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