Beyond the Streets

Timothy Curtis

The After School

Timothy Curtis is a self-taught artist from Philadelphia who lives and works in New York City. Curtis realized his first solo exhibition in November 2017 at Kaikai Kiki’s Hidari Zingaro Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, curated by Takashi Murakami. Concurrent with Beyond the Streets NYC, Curtis’s first U.S. solo exhibition is being held at albertz benda, in Manhattan’s Chelsea, June 20–July 27.

Curtis’s work exists at the intersection of drawing and painting. A graffiti writer from a young age, in this spirit, the artist places an emphasis on the power and intuition of bold lines in order to convey feeling and movement.

In the nearby presentation of photographs, the majority captured by the artist in the 1990s and early 2000s, Curtis shares nearly 50 years of quintessential Philadelphia graffiti-writing history, influence and originality. Many of the oldest examples, dating to the early 1970s, were captured in underground train tunnels, abandoned concourses and bomb shelters, environments that preserved the pieces so that they appear freshly painted. This collection is noted for its ephemeral quality of storytelling: Most of these tags, if not all, have been buffed in recent years.