Beyond the Streets


West Coast

Graffiti and misappropriation has always been an underlying theme in Slick’s work over the past 3 decades. A large part of that was parody, wit and wordplay. Slick’s earliest recollection of flipping and collecting was growing up with Wacky Packs Gum. Then again while working with Crazy Shirts and doing parodies on tees with local themes.

Slick’s first graffiti inspired clothing brand venture was with Risk One and Dante called 3rd Rail, Circa 1989. The first parodies were of Krylon cans and Red Devil labels.

Shortly after, Slick and Den joined forces to form Fuct Graphics. It was yin and yang, Slick was 100% b-boy/hip-hop/weed/west coast and Den was punk/skate/muscle cars/east coast. Both had a mutual love for graffiti and skate. One of their first graphics for their brand Fuct was a flip on Ford. Visually the 4 letters fit perfectly in the iconic trademark. People from all walks gravitated towards it and the brand took off.

Slick then linked up with Jef Hartsel to form Shao Brothers. The duo explored graffiti and skate themes for their brand Shaolin Worldwide and Shaolin Wood Company but this time, incorporating elements of their Asian heritage into the mix, primarily their love of Japanese soft vinyl toys and kung-fu movies.

Slick enjoys challenging the norm and doesn’t mind ruffling a few feathers in the process. Through his different brands over the years from 3rd Rail to Dissizit and now Big Dick’s Hardware, Slick continues to inspire by tearing down everything you thought was fresh.