Beyond the Streets


New Pop

Chicago artist POSE’s large-format painted and printed collages serve as continued homage to graffiti’s earliest documentarians, integrating isolated images from the likes of Jon Naar, The Philadelphia Inquirer and more. The series reimagines through dissection, digitization and reconstitution, collectively immortalizing a post-industrial moment when everyday graffiti writers seized status of their own against the backdrop of mainstream materialism. Whether viewed in person or shared and reshared via digital capture, the images shift and devolve, mimicking newsprint’s stippled halftones by way of the four-color printing process and paint directly applied to reflective metal and plastic substrates, further pushing the commercial finish of the works. POSE turned his own graffiti education into a body of work blending illustration, Pop Art, screen printing, lettering and comic-book-inspired aesthetics. Much of his recent work delves into the only recently unearthed history of New York and Philadelphia’s early graffiti years, referencing individual writers and ephemera from the time period.